2008.06.24 pm2-5 Panel: Rebirth of Buddhist Scholasticisms in Twentieth-Century China

Time: SESSION II: Tuesday June 24, 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm Room: White Hall 110
Chen-Kuo Lin
A Lost Battle with the West: The Revival of Buddhist Logic and Epistemology in Modern China

Marcus Bingenheimer
Between Tradition and Modernity: Yinshun’s History of Buddhist Doctrine
Erik Hammerstrom
The Cachet of Kexue: Buddhist Intellectuals and Modern Astronomy in 20th Century China

Eyal Aviv
Redefining the terms of Chinese Buddhism: Ouyang Jingwu’s Theory of Buddhism’s twofold paradigm
Jason Clower
The Unlikely Buddhologist Mou Zhongsan: What a Confucian Apologist Wanted with Tiantai Learning



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