2008.06.24 pm2-5 Panel: Rebirth of Buddhist Scholasticisms in Twentieth-Century China

Time: SESSION II: Tuesday June 24, 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm Room: White Hall 110
Chen-Kuo Lin
A Lost Battle with the West: The Revival of Buddhist Logic and Epistemology in Modern China

Marcus Bingenheimer
Between Tradition and Modernity: Yinshun’s History of Buddhist Doctrine
Erik Hammerstrom
The Cachet of Kexue: Buddhist Intellectuals and Modern Astronomy in 20th Century China

Eyal Aviv
Redefining the terms of Chinese Buddhism: Ouyang Jingwu’s Theory of Buddhism’s twofold paradigm
Jason Clower
The Unlikely Buddhologist Mou Zhongsan: What a Confucian Apologist Wanted with Tiantai Learning

2008.06.24 am09-12 Chinese Buddhist meditation practices and Chan

Panel Convenors: John McRae and Eric Goodell
Room: White Hall 205
Ching-wei Wang
The Practice of Mahāyāna Si Nianchu in the Sixth Century China
John McRae
Early Chan meditation: Between Tiantai Samadhi practice and Chan Encounter Dialogue
Yi-hsun Huang
The Use of Old Cases as Chan Practice in the Records of Master Xuedou at Dongting

Eric Goodell
The Role of Chan in the Life of Taixu
Huimin Bhiksu
An Inquiry of Master Xuyun’s Experiences of Long-dwelling in Samādhi